An Analysis On Translation Techniques and Quality of Wordplay Found In The Film Bring It On

Oleh :
Indah Wulandari - C0311022 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

The purposes of this study are; to find out kinds of wordplay found in the film Bring It On, to describe translation techniques used to translate the wordplay, and to describe the impact of translation techniques used to the accuracy, acceptability, and readability of the translation. This study is a descriptive qualitative research, which means that the researcher does not propose a hypothesis and the data is in the form of qualitative data. The study uses inductive analysis and case study research. All 64 data are wordplay taken from the film Bring It On. This study uses questionnaire to assess the accuracy and acceptability. Observation and interview are used to assess the readability. The analysis result shows that there are seven kinds of wordplay found, namely paronymy (28 data), initialism (13 data), nicknaming (8 data), homonymy (7 data), malapropism (4 data), polysemy (3 data), and portmanteau (1 datum). The translation techniques analysis result presents that there are five techniques used, i. e. pun translated to pun (4 data), pun translated to non pun (38 data), pun translated to zero pun (1 datum), pun in ST is similar to pun in TT (20 data), and editorial technique (1 datum). From the thourough translation quality assessment, it can be concluded that most of the translation is accurate. Although most of the translation is accurate, the acceptability and readability assessment present that most of them are unacceptable and unredable. Keywords: wordplay, wordplay translation.