Peservasi Koleksi Grey Literature dalam Kesiagaan Menghadapi Bencana di Perpustakaan

Oleh :
Haryanto - 197904062001121002 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa


The purpose of this paper is Knowing Preservation System Implementation grey literature collections in disaster preparedness in the Library, as well as utilization Knowing Collection grey litterature after Preservation held in the collections of disaster preparedness in the Library,  This paper used a descriptive approach, The object of this research is the grey litterature preservation activities . Results Implementation of gray literature collections preservation system in disaster preparedness in the Library implemented through Digitizing collections , animal extermination destroyer , set binding court decision , restoration page collections , media transfer activity , security libraries , maintaining the cleanliness of the collection and shelves , room temperature settings and user education , whereas in the face of disaster preparedness through the stages of preservation activities , preservation , improvement and security.


Keywords : preservation , disaster preparedness , grey literature