The Export Procedure at C.V Haryan Handicrafts Surakarta

Oleh :
Wiwid Margiana - C9312064 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya


This final project report was written based on the job training at
C.V Haryan Handicrafts Surakarta, during June 15, 2015 until July
11, 2015. The objectives of this final project are to describe the
export procedure at C.V Haryan Handicrafts Surakarta and to
identify the problems and solutions of export procedure at C.V
Haryan Handicrafts Surakarta.
The export procedure consists of some stages: hunting buyer,
opening Letter of Credit (L/C), batik payment and production,
clearance, and shipping. Hunting buyer is a process to look for the
buyer candidates and promote their batik products to the buyer
candidates through internet. Opening Letter of Credit (L/C) is a
process to make written treaty through banks. Batik payment and
production is a process when the buyer pays the good while the
exporter produces the goods. Managing shipment documents is a
process to prepare the shipment documents. Finally, Shipping is a
process to shipping the goods to the buyer using ship or airplane.
There are some problems of the export procedure at CV Haryan
Handicrafts Surakarta; such as the batik design, the cost, and
delivery time. The batik design  is complicated enough and the
employees have to be careful to make the batik products. The batik
price is unstable and it can be caused by the batik cost of
thematerials. Therefore, the C.V Haryan Handicrafts has to discuss
about the cost agreement with the buyer. Delivery time can be
influenced by the problems of batik production which causes the delivery time become late. Therefore, CV Haryan Handicrafts
Surakarta should discuss with the buyer to ask tolerance.

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