English Teaching And Learning Activities To The 4 Th Grade In SD Negeri Kestalan No. 05 Surakarta

Oleh :
Yaniar Cahya Asri - C9310081 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

Grade In SDNegeriKestalan No. 05 Surakarta. English Diploma Program,
Faculty of Letters and Fine Arts, SebelasMaret University. 
This final project report is written based on job training activity that had been
done by the writer inSDNegeriKestalan No. 05. The writer took the fourth grade
as the subject to be observed. The aim of this final project is to describe the
teaching and learning activity as well as the problems and its solutions. 
The conclusions of this report are as follows: the step of the teaching-learning
process in SD NegeriKestalan No. 05 consisted of greeting, explaining the
materials, giving exercise, and ending the lesson. The writer used flash card to
help her in delivering the material flexibly. The writer also made the assessment
to evaluate the student’s ability. During the activity, several problems came from
both the students and the teacher. 
The problems from students werehaving lack of vocabulary, memorizing, and
pronouncing. The writer’s problems when taught the students were to deal with
uncooperative students and limited facilities. 
To solve the problems the writer asked the students to write and read the material
several times, and the writer used flash cards in delivering the materials. The
solutions to the teacher’s problems were done by handling the students well, and
giving reward. To solve the limited facilities the writer wrote a song and asked the
students to follow her.