Studi Identifikasi UKM Kerajinan Bambu sebagai Upaya Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Pengrajin di Klaten

Oleh :
Slamet Subiyantoro - 196505211990031003 - Fak. KIP

Abstract. Target of this research wish to explain crafting of bamboo in Jambu Kulon
countryside, Ceper, Klaten related to various of product design crafting of bamboo,
availibility of raw material, its production process and its management system.
Research is done with descriptive approach qualitative. Technique data collecting
with enquette, circumstantial interview, documentation and perception/archives.
Sampling technique use purposive with technique authenticity of data by
peerdebriefing, data recheck and triangulotion of its source. Technique analyse by
using interoktif model. Based on the result of solution and research can be concluded
(l) Crafting of kriya design from bamboo most determined by consumer, like duck,
pig, kentongan, chair, desk, gazebo (2) Raw material production most of bamboo
crafter is still depended from supplier (3) Production process is done with phase.for*,
emery, coloration, finishing and pickling (4) System management still modestly,
advantage and disadvantage are not detected better because all crafter are not yet
altogether done record-keeping of inclusion transaction and expenditure.
Keywords: disain produk, proses produksi, meneiemen usaha, seni kerajinan