Kajian Nilai-nilai Budaya Jawa dalam Tradisi Bancaan Weton di Kota Surakarta (Sebuah Kajian Simbolisme dalam Budaya Jawa)

Oleh :
Sukmawan Wisnu Pradanta - 196505211990031003 - Fak. KIP

This study investigates symbols on tradition ritual to
commemorate the day of birth or bancaan weton in Javanese tradition.
Symbols are associated with daily practices for moral and social contexts.
This study used ethnography with phenomenological setting for the data
collection. Qualitative approach was used to analyze the data. The study
assigned informants from Kasunanan Surakarta, Mangkunegaran,
traditional chief, ulama, and culture practitioners. The study discovers that
bancaan weton symbolizes harmony, tolerance, and implementation of
moral, social, spiritual and religious valaues. In abstract form, values of
bancaan weton originate from Javanese Moral Teaching and spiritual
philosophy of conducting harmony and balance between the man and God
the Almigthy. The tradition squarely undertakes genuine teaching values
of Javanese, however, the existence may dilute as pride to prevent the
tradition by Javanese themselves may lax.
Keywords: Javanese teaching, tradition, bancaan weton.