The implementation of teaching literature in the second grade of language program at SMA Negeri 2 Wonogiri academic year 2006/2007

Oleh :
Rahmadi Kuncoro - K2203078 - Fak. KIP

ABSTRACT This thesis is intended to evaluate the implementation of teaching literature on the English subject of the second grade of language program in senior high school and also what sort of literature are taught in this program. This research uses descriptive method that refers to content analysis and documentary analysis. It was conducted at SMAN 2 Wonogiri from March 2007 to June 2007. In collecting the data, the writer observed the implementation of the teaching and learning English literature activity in the class, interviewed the teacher and the students involved in the teaching and learning activity and analyzed them globally. In the analysis, the writer focuses on the objective of the teaching English literature, the facility of the class, the English language teaching curriculum, the source of the material, the English language teacher, and the teaching learning process. The writer analyzed the implementation of teaching English literature and the sort of literature by determining the set of information, making the categories of information based on their similarity, determining the relation between categories as suggested by Strauss and Corbin. The implementation of teaching literature in SMA N 2 Wonogiri shows that literary appreciation in high school is not given priority by the English teachers due to the assumption of the teachers that literature is not very beneficial nor giving support to the English language teaching. Teaching literature or literary appreciation is less emphasized and gets little attention from the teacher, especially the teacher of language class, which is supposed to occupy this subject to support the teaching and learning process of language, especially English. This is caused by position of English literature subject in that school which is only an additional subject. This makes the teacher only limits the lesson on introducing English literature without any willingness to use it to teach English as a language. After finishing the analysis, the writer suggests that hopefully the literature materials get a proportional part in the curriculum and guideline. It will be better if the teachers give more attention and priority to the literature materials in presenting their English teaching and learning process. In this case, the writer suggests that they learn how to teach literature in the appropriate method, because they should pay more attention to their technique of teaching literature. Besides, the teachers should accustom themselves and their students to use English and its literature in the teaching learning process. Finally, the government is expected to develop a good English curriculum, which includes literature in the appropriate proportions that can develop the students’ skills in English. Besides they should cooperate with the experts of teaching literature in order to arrange the curriculum.