A comparative study of tenor in school advertisement texts: Sekolah Pelita Harapan, Raffles International Christian School and Sekolah Ciputra Issued In Garuda Magazine (based on systemic functional linguistics)

Oleh :
Mintarti Hindraningsih - C1304032 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

ABSTRACT This research belongs to a qualitative research employing descriptive comparative method. It purposes to explore and compare the tenor of school advertisement texts of Sekolah Pelita Harapan, Raffles International Christian School and Sekolah Ciputra issued in Garuda Magazine by using Systemic Functional Linguistics Approach. The research is aimed to find out the dimension of tenor: status, affect and contact of all texts. In addition, it is intended to know the similarities and differences of all texts. The data are lexicogrammar, cohesion, text structure and genre. The source of data is the advertisement texts taken from Garuda Magazine on August 2005, November 2005, and January 2004. The research applies total sampling technique because the data in this research are all clauses taken from the texts. The research is conducted by analyzing the data through the description of lexicogrammar, cohesion, text structure and genre to define the aspects of tenor: status, affect, and contact. Then, the research is purposed to discover the similarities and differences of all texts. Based on the data analysis, it can be concluded that text 1 and text 2 applies unequal status. It is indicated by the occurrence of imperative clauses showing that the advertiser wants to give the persuasion to the readers in addition giving the information and the use of description genre describing the information about products offered. The readers are just as the receiver of the information. Meanwhile, text 3 employs equal relative position. It is reflected by the presence of indicative, declarative, proposition clauses giving the needed information to the readers as the customers and the use of possessive pronoun ‘ our‘ in text 1, ‘we’ in text 2 and ‘us’ in text 3. The positive assessment between the advertiser to the readers and the advertiser to the schools is shown by the employment of positive polarity, indicative declarative functioning as proposition, attitudinal epithets, and description genre. The familiarity of the language in all texts can be known through the application of simplex clauses, simplex nominal and verbal groups, thematic pattern, nominalization, technicality, elliptical clauses, lexical cohesion and genre employed in the texts. The involvement of readers is indicated through the use of personal pronoun, the existence of proposals, and implicit conjunctions. In addition, from the marketing technique approach, all texts use pioneering stage supporting the description genre.