An analysis of the quote of the direct speech in bilingual children book “in control, ms. Wiz?” By terence blacker

Oleh :
Tri Sangsongko Yono - C1302049 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

ABSTRACT This research focuses on describing how the quotes of the direct speech in children book “In Control, Ms. Wiz?” are translated into Indonesian in “Semua Terkendali, Ms. Wiz?” in terms of adjustment made by the translator and some factors which cause the adjustments. The researcher also finds out whether the translation is accurate in message or not. It is a descriptive method using the technique of collecting, classifying the data and followed by drawing conclusion based on the data analysis. The source of data is taken from the children book “In Control, Ms. Wiz?” and its translation “Semua Terkendali, Ms. Wiz?”, and the result of questionnaires spread to three professional translators who are completing the questionnaires of accuracy assessment. The samples of data are all the quotes of the direct speech experiencing adjustment whether in terms of addition, subtraction or alteration. In this research, purposive sampling was employed and there were 107 overall data. Derived from data analysis, the ways of how the quotes of the direct speech are translated (based on technique of adjustment) are classified into six groups: Addition (22,4%), Subtraction (8,4%), Alteration (60,7), Addition & Subtraction (1,9%), Addition & Alteration (5,6%), and Subtraction & Alteration (0,9%). Based on factors causing the adjustments: Permitting adjustment of the form of the message to the requirement of the structure of the receptor language (9, 35%), Producing semantically equivalent structures (21,50%); Providing equivalent stylistic appropriateness (39,25%); Carrying an equivalent communication load (28,97%), and Providing equivalent stylistic appropriateness and Carrying an equivalent communication load (0,93%). Overall, the accuracy level of the translation is on first level with mean 1.45, showing that the translation is very accurate.