Teaching reading to the second grade students of MTS Muhammadiyah Blimbing Sukoharjo

Oleh :
Lusiana Talia - C9304051 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

ABSTRACT This final project is written based on the job training which has been done on February until March 2007 at second grade students of MTs Muhammadiyah Blimbing Sukoharjo. The purpose is to know the process of teaching English reading, the problems, and the solutions of the problems that are faced in teaching reading. In collecting the data, the writer did an observation and interview. On the first week of job training, the writer observed the class condition during teaching learning process and the way of the English teacher in conducting teaching activity. On the next meeting, the writer did her job training activities as a teacher. Before the writer started to teach, she made a lesson plan guided by the English teacher of MTs Muhammadiyah Blimbing Sukoharjo. The lesson plan consists of 4 steps namely Background Knowledge of Field, Modeling, Joint Construction of text, and Individual construction of text. The writer used the lesson plan to make the teaching learning activity run effectively and efficiently. During her job training the writer gets the information about the description of school, the duties and responsibilities of the personal, the student’s activities and information related to the teaching activity such as, curriculum, syllabus, and the materials. Besides, the writer found the method that was used in teaching reading and the problems of teaching learning activity in MTs Muhammadiyah Blimbing Sukoharjo. The method that was used is Grammar Translation method. This method uses the native language as medium of instruction and focuses on grammatical rules, memorization of vocabulary and translations of texts. These subjects are important in order to understand the English reading text. Some problems that were faced in teaching activity are the students’ condition, student’s problem in understanding the text and student’s problem in motivating them selves. The writer also presents the solutions to solve those problems. She made the students interested in the lesson by giving a game like puzzle, arranging jumble words and filling the missing words. To help the students in understanding the English text, the writer wrote down the difficult vocabularies on the blackboard and gave the meaning of the words. While to motivate the students, she gave advices and supports to the students and asked the English teacher and teacher of students’ coordinator to handle them. From the discussion in this report the writer learns that in teaching reading activity a teacher does not only give the subject that should be mastered by the students, train the students to pronounce the words and to understand the text but she must also handle the class, motivate the students and create the lesson more funny and attractively.