Creating Brochure in English at CV. Griyagawe

Oleh :
Ammar Syahri - C9312005 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

This final project report is written based on the job training at CV. Griyagawe. The objectives of this report are to promote the product of CV. Griyagawe and to describe the problems and the solutions encountered by the marketer in marketing process. I did an observation before doing the job training. I observed the location of CV. Griyagawe and its condition and I also watched the way of the marketing activity.
I made the brochure of CV. Griyagawe’s products based on my observation during the job training. There were three steps in creating the brochure, such as : collecting information for the contents of the brochure, process of designing, and promoting.
There were three problems during the process of making brochure. The problem is the difficulty of taking pictures of the craftsmen while they are doing their job. To solve this problem I asked for a permission to the management of CV. Griyagawe to use their documentations. The next problem is when I made the Indonesian and English promotion text Ican not find the appropriate words to write in a persuasive manner. To solve this problem I discuss with my friend and the expert. The last problem is my group and Ican not put our brochure in local tourist information center. To solve this problem my group and I put the brochure at stall and cafe.