Making English Tourism Website for Department of Tourism and Culture of Karanganyar Regency

Oleh :
Al Fathih Viqi Maksumah - C9313004 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

This final project report was written based on the internship in 

Department of
Tourism and Culture of Karanganyar Regency, during January 21st - 

March 1st, 2016.
The objectives of this report are to explain the process of making 

English tourism
website, the problems of making English website and the problem 

solving of making
English tourism website.
During the internship, I divided the process of making English 

tourism website
into six steps. The steps were; 1) doing observation, 2) making 

promotional text, 3)
editing the promotional text, 4) designing website, 5) presenting 

and simulating website,
and 6) promoting website. There were some problems of making English 

website. The problems were the difficulties in mapping out the 

location of observation,
combining the persuasive and informative text, managing the time for 

editing the
promotional text, choosing the design of the website, preparing the 

tools for presenting
and simulating website, and promoting the website to foreigner and 

travel agency.
Those problems can be solved by using Karanganyar tourism map that 

had been given
by Department of Tourism and Culture of Karanganyar Regency to map 

out the location
of observation, using internet to search the example of combination 

persuasive and
informative text, making time table to arrange the time for editing 

promotional text,
using the Internet to look for the design of the foreign tourism 

website, asking for help
to the staff of Department of Tourism and Culture of Karanganyar 

Regency to prepare
the tools of presentation, using social media, and cooperating with 

travel agency to
promote the website to people in the world.