Promoting Tourism Objects in Pacitan Through Leaflet and Online Articles

Oleh :
Nur Iffah Ayu L. - C9313049 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

The objective of this report is to explain the job training 

activities conducted by the writer. This report was written based on 

the internship conducted in the Department of Tourism, Culture, 

Youth and Sports of Pacitan Regency from January 11th until February 

9th 2016. 
There were two main activities conducted by the writer. They are 

making short descriptions about tourism objects in Pacitan for the 

leaflet and writing articles about tourism objects in Pacitan. The 

writer was assisted by one of the staffs in conducting the duties 

such as the steps to write articles and upload them on the official 

web of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports of 

Pacitan Regency namely “pacitantourism.net”. The problems faced 

during the internship were translating unfamiliar words, arranging 

the short descriptions on the leaflet design and looking for 

acceptable words. There were some things done to solve the problems 

such as asking someone who is an English native speaker, searching 

for some parallel texts on the internet and looking up difficult 

words in dictionaries. Besides, there was another activity conducted 

by the writer such as writing down the lyrics of Pacitan Hymn in a 

recorded song.