A description of complaint strategies among the characters in the movie entitled sweet home alabama and its implication in english language teaching

Oleh :
Lutfi Amaliya Fuadah - K.2202033 - Fak. KIP

ABSTRAK This research was conducted to achieve some objectives, namely (1) Describing the kinds of Complaint Strategies employed by the characters in the movie entitled “SWEET HOME ALABAMA”. (2) Describing the elements supporting the complainable (3) Identifying the intention of the Complainer in employing certain kinds of Complaint Strategies (4) Describing the response of the complainee toward the complaint (5) Finding the implication of the Study in English Language Teaching. It was conducted based on the pragmatics approach. Dealing with the objectives of the study, the method used in this research was descriptive method and the sampling technique used was purposive sampling. The population of this research was the film itself. While the samples were all dialogues containing Complaint. In analyzing the data, the reseacher used some technique. Firstly the researcher identified the dialogue containing the Complaint. Secondly, all samples are classified based on Trosbogh’s classification of the Complaint Strategies. Then, the reseacher analyzed the situation determining the use of the certain kinds of Complaint Strategies and followed by analyzing the supported elements of the complainable. By analyzing the situation and the supported elements, the reseacher explored the intention of the Complainer in using certain kind of Complaint Strategy. Finally, the reseacher described the Complainee’s response toward the complaint. The result of this study showed that all types of Complaint Strategies were employed in the movie. They were Hints (HINTS), Annoyance (ANNY), Ill Consequence (ILC), Direct Accusation (DAC), Indirect Accusation (INA), Modified Blame (MB), Explicit Condemnation of the Accused as a Person (ECAP) and Explicit Condemnation of the Accused’s Action (ECAA). While types of the responses given by the complainee were Commiseration, No response or Changing the topic, Question, Contradiction, Joke or teasing and Advice. The Internal and External modification were also found as the elements supporting the complainable. Generally, in uttering the complaints, complainers intend to express their disaproval toward the complainee. The implication of this research in Teaching English is that Complaint can be used as teaching material. It will be useful for the teacher to improve the students’ Communicative Competence since Complaint is one of language function. Teacher may explain how to employ an appropriate Strategies of Complaint so that the complainable is acceptable.