The Reinstatement of Women’s Femininity Through the Elimination of the Feminine Mystique as Represented in Moms’ Night Out (2014)

Oleh :
Desi Nursita Ratnasari - C0309020 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

This research is conducted to describe how Moms’ Night Out movie
represents the long-standing issue of The Feminine Mystique in the context of 21st
century America and the reinstatement of women?s femininity.
This research is a descriptive qualitative research under the framework of
American Studies. Since American Studies is interdisciplinary, this research uses
various theories and disciplines. The source data of this research is a 2014?s movie
Moms’ Night Out and therefore, semiotics film theory is used to analyze the movie?s
elements. As the topic is related to gender issues, gender and feminist theories are
also applied in this research. Socio-cultural approach is applied to support the
contextual findings in the relation of representation in the movie with the reality in
the American society.
The analysis shows that the reinstatement of femininity and the elimination of
the Feminine Mystique are done in three ways. First, Moms’ Night Out utilizes the
freedom of choice promoted by the women?s movement which essentially defends
women?s right to choose. Secondly, the movie uses the depiction of internet-based
technology, blogs, as a device used by modern women to avoid causes that will lead
to the Feminine Mystique. Thirdly, the movie utilizes care-focused feminists?
conception of „feminine? ethics of care as the source of women?s strength. In the end,
Moms’ Night Out is able to eliminate the Feminine Mystique; however, it preserves
femininity and makes it as a power for women.
Keyword: women, femininity, blogs, representation, the Feminine Mystique