Analisis Anteseden Kepuasan Dan Pengaruhnya Terhadap Niat Berkunjung Ulang (Studi Pada Cafedangan Surakarta)

Oleh :
Ade Chandra Aji Sukma - F0211001 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis


This study aims to examine the influence of food qualiy, atmosphere, price fairness, and customer satisfaction towards revisit intention. More specifically, this research conducted on purchases at Cafedangan, Surakarta. The data collected in this study through questionnaires given to the respondent. The sample consisted of 180 respondents were recruited using purposive sampling method. This study used SEM GeSCA to testing the relationship among variables. Based on analysis of the structural model, the result showed that: food quality affects positively and significantly on customer satisfaction, atmosphere affects positively and significantly on customer satisfaction, price fairness affects positively and significantly on customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction  affects positively and significantly on revisit intention. The limitation of this study is about the object of this research that it examines Cafedangan only. It could impact to generalization of the findings of the study. Thus, the future study is expected to eliminate the limitations of this research.  

Key words:  Food quality, atmosphere, price fairness, customer satisfaction, revisit intention.