Reforming Community Learning Resource Center: From Exclusive to Inclusive Pedagogy (A Study on Knowledge and Attitude toward Disability)

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Gunarhadi - 195502101982031004 - Fak. KIP

The general objective of the study was to identify the feasibility of Community Learning Resource Center (CLRC) in enhancing the inclusive education in the District of Sragen Central Java, Indonesia. To be specific, this research aims to (1) to know the extent of knowledge of CLRC staff on children with special needs, (2) to know the attitude of CLRC staffs toward  the children with special needs (3) to know the readiness of CLRC as an  institution in promoting education access for the children with special needs. This research was a descriptive qualitative study. The subjects of the research were of 15 staffs CLRCs in the District of Sragen. Using instrument, the data was collected by means of questionnaire, deep interview, and documentation. Source and method triangulation were used to test the validity of the data. The research result showed that the staffs of CLRC in  the District of Sragen  did not have sufficient knowledge about children with special needs. The staffs had positive attitude toward children with special needs. However, they were not ready to promote the education access for the children with special needs. They were more likely to argue that no instructors were educationally qualified in special education. The research concluded that (1) CLRC had limited  knowledge on special education but they had positive attitude towards education for  children with special needs (2) CLRC were not ready  to be institutions to support the education access for the children with special needs. It is recommended that the local education authority prepare the potential of CLRC for better participation in the government program of education for all in Indonesia.  

Key words: knowledge, attitude, the staffs, children with special needs