Needs Assessment of Educational Services for Children with Disabilities in inclusive school in Municipality of Surakarta

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Gunarhadi - 195502101982031004 - Fak. KIP

Inclusive education has been admittedly well recognized in the educational society in Indonesia. The practice, however, is still beyond the success of quality education. This research aims to identify the important components that need to be accommodated for the sake of instruction as how to make the inclusive schools better educational services. This research was a survey on the needs assessment of educational service responded by 16 teachers taken through snow ball sampling from inclusive schools in Municipality of Surakarta. The data was collected through questionnaire and analyzed by means of categorization and percentage. The study found as many as thirteen important components of educational services were needed to be adjusted for children with disabilities in inclusive classrooms. Based on the degree of the importance of accommodation, seven most important components were indicated as the following sequence: 1) identification (75%), 2) assessment (69%), 3) curriculum (38%), 4) special instructional strategy (56%), 5) evaluation (50%), 6) individualized instruction (56%), and 7) role of special education teachers (63%). The research concludes that the degree of accommodation fulfillment in special instruction gives a great amount of contribution to the success of inclusive education. It is recommended that training on instructional accommodation for teachers in inclusive schools be continuously conducted so as to improve their instructional competence in special education services.  


Keywords: inclusive, education services, instruction, disability, assessment, accommodation