Citizenship, Cultural Mobility and Female Identity in the Post-New Order Era: Reading the Sinetron 'Misteri of Mount Merapi' Penulis: Sri Kusumo Habsari

Oleh :
Sri Kusumo Habsari - 196703231995122001 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

In this paper I analyse the relationship between cultural mobility and the construction of women's identities as representeed in Indonesian sinetron, television series, Misteri Gunung Merapi. This article considers how Indonesian women's identities are being transformed, focusing in particular on an increased awareness by Indonesian women of their membership as citizens of the polity and increased desire to participate in it. I argue that traditional female identities and gendered citizenship, establushed by the New Order era as the dominant ideology, has begun to be fragmented in the Post New Order era with the spread of global flows of media and culture from Western countries.