Konstruksi Identitas Masyarakat Urban Peranakan Tionghoa dalam Majalah Penghidoepan (1925-1942)

Oleh :
Dwi Susanto - 198107062006041002 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya


The literature magazines, Goedang Tjerita, Lih She Siao Shuo, Boelan Poernama, Boekoe Boelanan, Feuilleton, Moestika Panorama, Kiam Hiap Mountly, Gie Hiap, Tjerita Pilihan, Taman Tjerita, Semangat etc., are urban literature magazines that compete with Penghidopean. Penghidoepan focus in literary magazine. Although it was literature magazine, this magazine published advertiesement, overseas events, the local nature panorama, “unique moment”,  and life style from aborad. From this fact, this paper aims to answer some questions. The first is to know the center of life style of this magazine. The second is to explore the life style discourse that developed this magazine. The thrid is to explore the identity construction that formed by this magazines to be against the metling culture traditions, e.g. local tradition, Westren value and tradition, and Chineness culture, in colonial frame. This paper used postcolonial ideal, especially the identity concept.


Key word: Penghidoepan, identity, Chinese-Indonesia     

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