Deteksi Dini Kanker Leher Rahim melalui Tes Iva Di Puskesmas Jaten II Kabupaten Karanganyar

Oleh :
Ropitasri - 1979013120130201 - Fak. Kedokteran


The Community Health Center Jaten /I was located in Ngringo Village,
Karanganyar, the solidest village in Karanganyar. Amount of W/PUS are 5396
ile just 364 of them have been screened by IVA test during 20 months. This
ult is similar with 8,43 from the Puskesmas's target that is 4316 W/PUS (80
of totally W/PUSj. So most required the breakthrough to solve this problem with
follow-up Early D
etection of Cervix Uteri Cancer by IVA Test. Early detecting, giving
information about Cancer of Cerv
ix Uteri, and motivating for the inspection of
e periodically to health facility. Patient screening with the Communication,
Information and Education at PKK meeting, Posyandu cadre, inter sectoral. The
population i
s Woman / Fertile Age Couple ( W/PUS). Among 102 participants,
there are 4 mothers with positive of precancer lesion, one a mother who was
ecovered and other has cancelled to follow because pregnant. Conclusion that
er conducted by counselling and inspection of IVA test, there are improving of
other knowledge regarding early detection of cervix uteri cancer by inspection
of IVA Te
st. Suggestion. Women who has active sexual should to IVA test. Once a
ear for men and adult society has been sexual active should support and motivate
eir women to intend IVA Test examination. To Community Health Center in order
to increase of DDKLR.

Key Word: Early Detection of Cervix Uteri Cancer, IVA Test The Community Health
enter Jaten /I