Heat Shock Protein 90 Expression and Cortisol in Delivery of Psycho Curative-Receiving Primigravidas

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Soetrisno - 195303311982021003 - Fak. Kedokteran



Objective: Explaining the mechanism of normal partus in the psychocurative-receiving


Material and Method: Experimental research was conducted in RSDM Surakarta and Sragen. Samples comprised 24 primigravidas of 32 weeks gestational age. Treatment group was given with psychocurative dosage. At 32 weeks gestational age 2-3 cm cervical dilatation, and complete dilatation, all samples were examined for cortisol and
Hsp 90 variable. Data analyzed were regarding the frequency of normal delivery, length of phase in one, and examined variables treatment and control groups.


Result: Mean of cortisol in treatment group showed reduction, while the Hsp 90 increased. The difference of the age of delivery of 32 weeks gestational age and 2-3 cm
cervical dilatation using multivariate test revealed a<0.05. The difference between cervi val dilatation of 2-3 cm and complete dilatation, using multivariate test had a>0.05. The difference of 32 weeks gestational age and complete dilatation using multivariate test revealed a<0.05. Distribution of normal delivery with Chi-square test revealed p =0.006. Anova test ofthe first phase of normal delivery revealed p = 0.00


Conclusion: Psychocurative significantly reducing cortisol, Hsp 90 increasing, uterine
contraction increasing, thereby normalizing the delivery.


Keywords : primigravida, psychocurative, cortisol, heat shock protein, uterine contraction, normal delivery


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