Exploration of Concept of Formation Process of Intention to Online Transaction: In the Context of Online Shopping in Indonesia

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Online transaction intention is still a topic that is interesting to study because there is still no model in the formation of intention to online shopping that can be applied to various researches settings. So this research aims to explore the formation process of intention to online transaction by using the concept of behavioral theory applied to the information system and to explore media exposure effects of giving the stimuli of cognitive, affective, and
conative behavior relationships of explaining online transaction process of youth ages group. The finding results show that the intention to online transaction that is the conative behavior form is influenced by affective behavior that consists of cognitive attitude and behavior those are perceived easy of use and risk perception. The formation of online transaction intention is also influenced by external factor that is media exposure that gives information stimulus to individuals who can give emotional responses and behaviors.

Keywords: intention to online transaction, attitude, perceived easy of use, risk perception, media exposure