Analisis Segmentasi Gaya Hidup terhadap Pendonor Darah di Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) di Surakarta

Oleh :
Budhi Haryanto - 196009041986011001 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

This research aims to segment and identify the characteristics of people who intend to blood donor in PMI Surakarta.
Sample are people who intend to donate blood at the PMI in Surakarta. Respondens were drawn as many as 300 people with convenience sampling method. Data were tested using two methods, namely hierarchical cluster analysis and non-hierarchical cluster analysis with IBM SPSS 21 software.
These results indicate that there are four segments of blood donors, that altruistic people with the characteristics of a sense of social responsibility is high, health living people with the characteristics of a healty lifestyle that is high, anxiety distorsion people with the characteristics of a fear and anxiety of blood donation, benefit oriented people with the trait have orientation on profits.
In addition to the interpretation of the results, the study also discusses the research contributions from the practical side and the possibilities for doing research in the future.

Keywords: Segmentation, Blood Donors, Cluster Analysis, Demography