Transformational Leadership Roles in Improving Employees' Creativity in E-Commerce-Based Firms in Indonesia

Oleh :
Umar Yeni Suyanto - - - Fak. ISIP

This Article analyzed the transformational leadership roles in improving employee's creativity in  e-commerce-based firms in Indonesia. As the development of technology has advanced so rapidly, people of the world do not only take advantanges of technology advantances as facilities of education development and research but also as means of daily fulfillment. data obtained from Ministry of Communication and Information showed that the growth of internet retail in Indonesia which is relatively high is 36% from year 2010 t0 2013. The growth rate is doubled over Philipine and Malaysia, even 3.5 times compared to growth rate occuring is Singapore. Internet users of year 2014 are 83.6 millions and the growth of internet penetration is 33%. In term of concept changes of conventional industry towards modern industry by ICT-based, firms in Indonesia are demanded to do transformation in order to survive in a tight competitive atmosphere. Hence, the importance of a leader in formulating business strategies and in optimizes potentials. nowadays, the transformational leadership character is chosen as an alternative of leadership styles oriented on the increase of productivity through creativity and innovation approach. the reseach was a study of literature by searching for references theories related to cases or problems which are found. References to theories obtained through the research of study of literature become the basic fondation an main means analyzing problems in this research. 

Keyword: creativity, e-commerce, transformational leadership