Bahasa Pembentuk Citra: Kajian Teks Profil Perusahaan Batik di Surakarta

Oleh :
Diah Kristina - 195905051986012001 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

This study explored the ways company profiles of tow big batik companies in Solo establish their credentials as a means of showing credibility. The data used were words, phrases, and clauses taken from he company profiles of batik written in Bahasa Indonesia. The research used theories of genre analysis focusing on patterns of rhetorical organization and genre-specific language features. In terms of data analysis, this study employed the multi-dimentional and multi-perspective model of analysis focusing on textual, socio-cognitive and ethnographic aspects of the texts. However, the present study only focuses on the textual layer of the texts analysis. Based on the findings, this study arrives at three conclusions. Firstly, the effectuvely used to create a favorable image of the company. Secondly, the most distinctive feature that differentiated establishing crentials in English and that of moral obligation to preserve the native culture. Finally, this study has shown how the wider culture and the culture of the discourse community contribute to the framing and formatting of company profiles of batik in terms of lexico-grammar and cognitive structuring. 
Keywords: establishing credentials; rhetorical organization; genre-specific language features.