Influence of Variation Temperature on Phase Composition of Ca-Mg-Al Hydrotalcite

Oleh :
Eddy Heraldy - 196403052000031002 - Fak. MIPA

The objective  of the  present study  is to assess the influence  of temperature   variation   on phase composition   of Ca-Mg-Al   hydrotalcite.    The temperature   variation  (50-90  °C) used  to Ca-Mg-Al hydrotalcite    synthesis   from  brine  water   and  AICl3.9H20     by a  coprecipitation     method.   The products  were characterized  by X-ray diffraction   and Fourier   Transform  Infrared  Spectroscopy. Results  show that  the highest   crystallinity   of Ca-Mg-Al  hydrotalcite   when reaction   temperature is  90 °C. The reaction  temperature   is  found  to greatly  affect  the  product  morphology   and its phase.  With  increasing   reaction  temperature,   its crystallinity    increased.

Keywords:   Ca-Mg-Al   hydrotalcite,   brine water,  reaction temperature,   crystallinity