Model Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Permukiman Kumuh Perkotaan sebagai Elemen Dasar bagi Community-Based Housing Development (CBHD) : Studi Kasus Kelurahan Tipes Kota Surakarta Indonesia

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Winny Astuti - 196407111991032001 - Fak. Teknik

Community-based Housing Development  (CBHD) is a one of the housing delivery systems in  Indonesia   based  on  strengthening   Community    institution   and  organization   based through   community-empowerment.    Slum    is  a   contiguous   settlement    where   the inhabitants   are <:haracterized as having inadequate housing and basic services  as well as low  quality  of  environment.  As  an urban  phenomenon,  slums become  determinant   of urban poverty.   The difficulties of slum's community in escaping from  poverty  are mostly caused by limitation  of community   organization  in giving access for community  inclusion, security  and empowerment.  Therefore,  the  CBHD becomes an instrument for empowering communities  to act  for themselves,  through  Community-based  Organization.  Model  of community  empowerment   for  urban  slum's  settlement    (Model  of  PMPKB)   becomes instrument  for escaping slum's community from poverty  by developing tools to plan and integrate  with  rolling plan of the city for solving the problems of environment.  The aims  of the research are firstly  to review  the  implementation  of Model PMPKS in Kelurahan Tipes Kota Surakarta; secondly to explore teon and concept of CBHO related to development  of community   capacity  and  finally to  analyze the  results  of  community    need assessment integrated   to  indicator  of  poverty  alleviation  and environmental  quality  improvement. The research found  that Model of PMPKB as a part of CBHD has contributed   to alleviation of  poverty  by firstly,   in the  short  term  icreasing participation  of  slums community   in planning of their neighborhood,   through  understanding  of their problems,  potencies and opportunities  ,while  in the   long-term  is improving  environmental  quality of  urban slum area.

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