Numerical prediction of Soil Modulus based on CBR test

Oleh :
A Suroso - xxx - Fak. Teknik

ABSTRACT: Modulus elasticity is one of main parameters for analyzing the behavior of soil. The common laboratory method for obtaining this parameter is triaxial test. However, the procedure of the test is relatively complex and rigorous. A series of laboratory soaked and unsoaked CBR tests with suction measurement have been conducted on various proportion of sand-kaolin clay mixture and water content. The load and displacement data from the tests were then used as the data for numerical analysis model to predict the soil modulus. A computer code Plaxis was utilized through back calculation method by inputting variation value of modulus. In this study, the effect of water content variation was modeled by applying the variation of soil suction on the model. The result indicates that there is a linear correlation between CBR and modulus of elasticity.

Keywords: geotechnical correlation, modulus of elasticity, suction-monitored CBR