The study on Determination of Seismic Site Class Map of Surakarta

Oleh :
Reza Satria Warman - I0111091 - Fak. Teknik

Surakarta city is one of the cities in Indonesia with high economic and dense population. The city is situated in Java Island which is very vulnerable to the earthquake hazard. However, the information of seismic data for designing the earthquake resistant building in Surakarta is still very limited. The study to obtain more detailed information such as microzonation is than very important. This paper present the microzonation of seismic site-class of Surakarta based on NSPT obtained from SebelasMaret University database. The result indicates that Surakarta is divided into two parts; the major part of Surakarta is classified as SD site class whereas some other parts mainly in eastern-northern region of the city are classified as SC site class.

Keywords: microzonation, site-class, standard penetration, Surakarta