Java Sufi Literature and Mystical Literature in Indonesia

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Istadiyantha - 195410151982111001 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

There is an important phase in the process of liter ary classification that leads into a diverse kinds of literary genres. In terms of the quality, there are hig/1 and low qualities of literature. Where as in terms of its shape, there are prose, poem and drama. Functionally , however, there are useful and entertaining literature or dulce et utile. Eventually, each literature can be developed into a more specific one.Sufi and mystical literature occurs because of the rise of people 's consciousness on spiritual life. Java Sufi literature is a literary work which comes from and about Sufi's people 's life in Java, either written by someone or another person or even• his followers. Sufi literature is specific while mystical literature is more general in nature. Referring to the name, mystical activities can be done by many people not only Moslem but also by other religions. In this globalization era, Java Sufi literature will be accessed easily by literature lovers, however Tasawuf doctrine is only able to be understood by certain people. The inclusion of Sufi doctrine into Java Sufi literature is useful as a morality and modesty education medium, and the implementation of religious doctrine profoundly Keywords: kinds of literature, Sufi literature, mystical literature.