The Ideology of ISIS and Al-Qaeda After the Arab Spring and Its Impacts in Southeast Asia

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Istadiyantha - 195410151982111001 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

The Islamic political movements in the Middle East have been dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt that inspired the Islamic movements in other countries, such as Jordan, Lebanon, Algeria, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia under the ideology of Wahhabism that leads the opposition movement protesting against the power authority of hereditary family of Ibn Saud.The concept developed by the Muslim Brotherhood appears to be the blueprint for the militant Islamic movements of Sunni. This article was written based on the document data and historical approach.This study is concluded deductively.The historical approach reviews a problem from the point of historical overview, addresses and analyzes it by using the method of historical analysis.The study is expected to provide information and categorization about the region of Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Southeast Asia.

Keywords: Ideology;al-Qaeda;ISIS; Middle East; Southeast Asia.

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