The Transmission of Islamic Political Movements from the Middle East to Indonesia

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Istadiyantha - 195410151982111001 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

The transmission of Islamic political movements to Indonesia has seen rapid developments since the 1970s and 1980s. The development of Islamic political movements began to gain momentum with the increase in the number of Indonesian students, of both school and university age, who went to study in the Middle East, which caused the relations between Indonesia and the Middle East to become closer on many levels. In the 1980s, Indonesian students in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and other Middle Eastern countries absorbed many ideas related to political Islam or the movement of Islamic fundamentalism from the Middle East. The goal of this research is to discover the relationship between the Islamic political movements in the Middle East and the movements that have developed in Indonesia. There are numerous aspects which need to be understood about the emergence of Islamic political movements and it is important for people to be given correct information, through this study, about which Islamic teachings can be regarded as being bearers of peace, or rahmatanlil’?lam?n, namely ‘a religion which brings prosperity for the universe’, and which groups, on the other hand, claim to be followers of Islam and in the name of their religion carry out acts of terror.

Keywords: transmission, Islamic political movements, Islamic fundamentalism, terror, Middle East.


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