Investigasi Sifat Perintang Uap Air Pada Lapisan Kertas Berbasis Komposit Organoclay PGV-Shellac

Oleh :
Dzaki Aminudin Alfaruqi - M02 - Fak. MIPA

Investigation of water vapour barrier properties of paper coating based composite
organoclay PGV-shellac has been done. The study showed that the cumulative amount of water passed through the paper coating increased linearly with time. The calculation of WVTR value at 85% RH was 402.21 gr/day.m2, above the WVTR value of the pristine shellac (391.28 gr/day.m2) suggesting the incorporation of organoclay
worsened the barrier properties of shellac.
Keywords : Shellac Waxfree, Clay PGV, WVTR Test.