Triple Negative as Basal type of Breast Cancer in Denpasar Bali

Oleh :
Kristanto Yuli Yarso - 197507312006041001 - Fak. Kedokteran

Introduction/Background : Basal type breast cancer is a marker to predict different biological
behavior, with more aggressive, more frequent metastases and poorer prognosis than other type
Purpose or Objective : To identify phenotypw feature of triple negative as basal type breast cancer in Denpasar Bali
Method : Data was collected from Sanglah hospital, private Oncology Hospital, & private laboratory during 2004-2009. From 258 patients with IHC results only 224 patients included for study due to incomplete data. Afterward we divided this data in to luminal A, B, HER-2, & triple negative types, with 10% as cut off point for ER, PR, while 30% and positive 3 for HER-2. Data also grouped in to triple negativ type & non triple negative type than analyzed for ages & pathology results.
Results : From 224 data patients, 50%, 3%, 16%, 31% for Luminal A, B, HER-2, & triple negative types respectively. From triple negative & nontriple negative groups we only included DCIS, IDC than analyzed, the resuls between these two groups were significanttly different (p=0.000). Triple negative group has more advance grade. Mean ages between these two groups also analyzed, and result was not significantly different (p=0.819)
Conclusion : Triple negative group have more advance in grading but hav same ages distribution with another group. Triple negative tye have same characteristic with basal type in incidence, grading & age distribution.
Key word : Breast Cancer, Triple negative, basal type