Reformasi Pelayanan Publik (Studi Evaluasi Tentang Kualitas Pelayanan One Stop Service Pada Unit Pelayanan Terpadu Pemerintah Kota Surakarta)

Oleh :
D. Priyo Sudibyo - 196205231988031001 - Fak. ISIP

The  public demand to realized the quality of public services Pemerintah Kota Surakarta who conducted by Unit Pelayanan Terpadu (UPT) through  One Stop Service (OSS) Program. This study purposed to evaluate how far the public service through the OSS program have been fulfill the criteria of the quality in public service standard. The research design is survey, and the type of research is explorative. The respondents are officials of UPT, whereas the unit analysis are individual, and the organization unit. The sampling method is purposive sampling, while the data collected by observation, quesionaire, in depth interview, and documentation technique. The data analysis is descriptive statistical. The results of this research showed, that: (1) the public service accountability was responsive and conducted  in the right procedure, and the organization culture serve as guidelines, (2) The OSS program have changed the public service to be quality, that indicated by efficient of time, reduce or evenly to scrap the complain, and increased of license application, and (3) the OSS program have realized the philosophy, that indicated the public service more simple on procedure, openness, workable, accurate, complete, natural, and reachable.

Key words: one stop service, public service quality, accountability.