Teaching vocabulary to the 4 th grade students of SDN Ngringo VI Karanganyar

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Herwiyati Suci Hapsari - C9303031 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

ABSTRAC TTEACHING VOCABULARY TO THE 4TH GRADE STUDENTS OF SDN NGRINGO VI KARANGANYAR This final project repot is entitled “Teaching vocabulary to the 4th grade students of SDN Ngringo VI Karanganyar”. This report was written based on the job training taken by the writer from February 02, 2006 to April 07, 2006. The writer got the data through interview, observation and references book. In teaching vocabulary to the 4th grade students of SDN Ngringo VI Karanganyar, the teacher used Grammar Translation Method. Bringing the picture, giving some songs and the game relate to the topic discussed and repeating the new vocabulary were the ways the teacher taught English vocabulary. The teacher also gave exercises in order to know the student’s comprehension in catching the lesson. Student’s condition and school environment are the problems that arise in learning English. To solve the student’s condition, the teacher used communicative approach. While in solving the school environment, the teacher used game.