The study on code-switching done by lecturers at the english department, faculty of letters and fine arts,sebelas maret university surakarta

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Nindwihapsari - C.0396046 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

ABSTRACT This thesis is entitled ‘THE STUDY ON CODE SWITCHING DONE BY LECTURERS AT ENGLISH DEPARTMENT, FACULTY OF LETTERS AND FINE ARTS, SEBELAS MARET UNIVERSITY’. Code switching is phenomenon occurring in the language, which is employed by lecturers in lecturing activities. The study was conducted to classify the types of code switching and the discourse functions of the code switching employed in lecturing activities. This is a sociolinguistics research, which employs descriptive method. The samples were taken by using purposive sampling technique. The results of the research indicates the following: 1. There are two types of code switching employed by lecturers in the lecturing activities. They are Situational Code Switching and Metaphorical Code Switching. The situational code switching occurs under the influence of excluded participants and atmosphere changes. On the other hand, the occurrence of metaphorical code switching is not influenced by change of participants and atmospheres. The metaphorical code switching is to make the words applied with the condition eventually the meaning of the message will be connected with the words applying. 2. Code switching employed in lecturing activities has several discourse functions namely addressee, example, interjection, inquiry, joke, message qualification, personalization versus objectivization, quotation, and reiteration.