Developing Android-Based Application As A Learning Media in Teaching Reading at The Tenth Grade Students of A Senior High School in Surakarta (A Research and Development at The First Grade of Senior High School Students of Surakarta In The Academic Year of 2017/2018)

Oleh :
Fadel Muslaini - S891608004 - Fak. KIP


This research aims to: (1) find out the weaknesses of existing media in SMAN 1 Surakarta in teaching reading; (2) find out the need for the students and teacher in expecting media for teaching reading in SMAN 1 Surakarta; and (3) to develope the learning media of Android-based application for teaching reading in SMAN 1 Surakarta.

The research method used is Research and Development. Because it is an educational research, it is classified as Educational Research and Development. This research consists of two main stages namely exploration stage and development stage. The exploration stage includes the description of the existing model and the need analysis towards an ideal model. The development stage deals with the description of the prototype, the consultation to the experts from the related field to validate the prototype, the try-out of the prototype, and the feasibility of the product. In order to get the data, the researcher conducted observation, interview, FGD, and distributed questionnaire as well.

The results of the research show that there are still some weaknesses of the existing printed media (English textbook) for teaching reading to the students of the first grade in SMAN 1 Surakarta, so it is necessary to design the prototype to overcome the weaknesses. The prototype is tried out until it becomes a feasible model which is feasible for the students to learn reading, for the teacher to teach reading, and for developing five indicators of reading.

Keywords: Android Application; Autonomous learning; Inside and Out of Class Learning; Media of Learning; Research & Development, Teaching English