An analysis of humor types and grice’s maxim in the situation comedy friends episode of “the one with that could have been” (a pragmatic approach)

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Sri Retno Palupi - C0301064 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

ABSTRACT This research studies the types of humor appeared in the comedy film FRIENDS, in the episode of “The One With That Could Have Been” and its relation to Grice’s Maxims. It is conducted to find out the types of humor, which appear in this episode and define whether those humors obey or disobey the Grice’s Maxims as the standard conversational norms. This research deals with a pragmatic approach. It is a descriptive study and it employs a purposive sampling as the sampling technique. The data are all the humor utterances, which are able to arouse laughter from the audiences that have significant relationship with the problem statement. From forty data available, there are thirty data, which will be analyzed since they have the same characteristics with the types of humor used, and the other ten will be excluded from this research. They are classified by using Audrieth’s humor theory and further analyzed by the theory of maxims proposed by Grice. The result of this research reveals that there are eight types of humor which can be found in this episode. They are Banter, Blunder, Chain, Freudian Slip, Irony, Mistaken identity, Relapse and Repartee. Concerning with the maxims, it is found that the humors, which are used in every utterances, tend to disobey at least one of the maxims. The analysis of the maxims is conducted through the context of situation available in each data. The researcher also found that there are three non-observances of the maxims, which are done by the characters in delivering the humor. They are flouting, violating, and infringing the maxims. The result of this research is expected to provide an additional view and information in the study of humor and its types for the students, lecturer, and other researchers who are interested in the study of humor.