Pembuatan Augmented Reality Museum RA. Kartini Kota Jepara

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Riska Nur Ilham - M3113127 - Fak. MIPA


RA Kartini Museum is a museum located in the district of Jepara, Central Java Province. The museum was founded on March 30, 1975 during the reign of Regents Soemarno Djojomardowo while the opening is carried out on 21 April 1977 by the Regent Soedikto. The museum consists of three pieces of the building that was built over an area of 5,210 m2 which, when viewed from the top of the building - the building is shaped K, T, and N which stands KARTINI. This museum menyiman objects - relics R.A Kartini and her sister, Sosro Kartonoserta objects - ancient objects were discovered in the district of Jepara. But in the provision of information on RA Kartini still using posters or pamphlets. Therefore, the authors plan to develop the information media with a more interactive method of Augmented Reality technology.
This application was designed and is developed using SDLC (System DevelopmentLife  Cycle),  as  well  as  questionnaires  for  data  collection, creation of applications such as design, story board, catalogs marker to application development and testing. Making Augmented Reality (AR) is done using several design and animation software such as Adobe Photoshop CS3, Corel Draw X6, 3D Studio Max 2010, Autodesk Maya and Vuforia Developer.

Augmented Reality Application Development Using Mobile Museum RA Kartini Android. This application provides information about some of  the objects in the museum RA Kartini Jepara.

Keyword : Augmented Reality, Museum Kartini, 3D Studio Max, Vuforia Developer