A comparative study of mode texts entitled “wallace and gromit” in now showing and flick facts column in the Jakarta Post sunday (a comparative study based on SFL)

Oleh :
Yustina Berti Adityas - C.1304051 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

ABSTRACT This research is meant first to describe the lexicogrammatical system, cohesion, and genre applied in both texts, second is to describe mode analysis covering channel and medium, whether the language of both texts tend to be written or spoken, then medium discusses the appropriateness of the language being used in the medium of the texts, third to describes whether both texts are different or similar based on the analysis of lexicogrammar, cohesion, genre, and mode analysis in both types of film review text. This thesis uses the descriptive qualitative method and comparative method. The source of data are the text film review in the Jakarta Post entitled ‘Wallace and Gromit’ in the Now Showing and Flick Fact Column published on the 11th and 18th of December 2005. The technique of sampling used in this research is purposive sampling that is taken purposively for having been known the characteristics of the sample. In choosing the sample, this research uses total sampling, which means that all of the data provided from both text are taken to be the sample of this research. The result of this research is the employment of lexicogrammar system in both texts. The lexicogrammar system in the Flick Fact column text has characteristics such as a large number of simplex clause, more indicative, declarative clause functioning as proposition, dominantly employ Topical Unmarked, more simplex nominal and verbal group and more technicality and nominalization. In the term of cohesion system text I employs more repetition, dominant implicit conjunction, and uses new item genre. Meanwhile, the employment of lexicogrammar system in Now Showing column has characteristic such as large number of simplex clauses, more indicative declarative clause functioning as proposition, dominantly employ topical unmarked theme, more simplex nominal and verbal group, more technicality and nominalization in the term of cohesion system text employs the presence external conjunction, and use of review genre. The description of lexicogrammar, cohesion, and genre above gives the result that in constructing a message, the Text I tend to be more written language as their channel. Meanwhile, text II tend be more spoken. In the term of medium, both text are written in the same medium i.e. newspaper. The use of newspaper medium is very effective since the target readers are well-educated people and have good English, considering that the newspaper is written in English. The position of both columns as a part of Screen column in the Jakarta Sunday Edition that is consider as a relax column, the liquid language in this text functions to make the text not monotonous, and the use of each genre in both texts and the choice of channel each texts are also support the appropriateness. Furthermore, both text analyses have some similarities and differences. They are similar in many things such as: the use of simplex clause, the employment of simplex nominal and verbal group, the measurement of lexical density, the technicality and nominalization, and the medium. On the other hand, both texts also have some differences like: the type of clause and interdependency, in the cohesion system, the text structure and genre, and the channel.