the Bellboy Section in Kusuma Sahid Prince Hotel

Oleh :
Ryan Achmad Setyawan - C9307155 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

Hotel is a part of tourism industry having an important role in
satisfying tourists. The guest’s satisfaction is important to build a
good image of hotel. Therefore, it needs cooperation between the
hotel employee in each department. As one of the departments in
hotel, Front Office Department has a big responsibility in giving
good impression in the first service. Bellboy is a part of Front
Office Department having duties to handle the guest’s need well by
giving an excellent service.
The objective of this final project is to describe how the bellboy
section in Kusuma Sahid Prince Hotel handles the guests. The
services given by the bellboy are the reflection of the hotel image.
It means that, a bellboy must be able to handle the guest
professionally. The hospitality and good etiquette from the bellboy
are useful to give good impression to the guests. Therefore, the
bellboy section has important responsibility to improve the hotel
image by giving an excellent service in every service.
Based on the discussion of the data, it can be concluded that the
bellboy section has an important role in building a good image of
the hotel by giving excellent service to the guests. With these
result, it is hoped that hotel can improve the quality of service