English Teaching and Learning Activities in SDN 5 Plumbungan, Sragen

Oleh :
Tri Aditiya - C9307160 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

This final report project is written based on the job training
activities in SDN 5 Plumbungan, Sragen. The aim of this final
project is to describe the English teaching-learning activities, the
problems and their solutions.
The teaching-learning activity consists of warming up,
explanations, practice and assessments. The writer finds some
problems from the students and the writer as a teacher. The
problems from students are less discipline, memorizing English
words, pronouncing and writing English words. The problems from
the teacher are lack of time and lack of additional materials.
The suggestion based on the discussion is to SD N 5 Plumbungan,
Sragen and English Diploma Program. To the elementary school,
they have to provide additional facilities. To English Diploma, they
have to give two semesters to prepare job training activity for the students.