Prosedur dan dokumen ekspor via laut ( studi kasus pada PT. Speed Pracaya Indonesia di Surakarta )

Oleh :
Yunita Rochfitri Putri - F.3102055 - Fak. Ekonomi dan Bisnis

ABSTRAK The objective of the research is to find out the shipping export procedure of PT Speed Pracaya Indonesia and needed documents in export implementation of shipping. The method used in the research is apprentice practice during 1 month at PT. Speed Pracaya Indonesia. The data are primary and secondary data. The collecting data is by using interview, literary study, and collecting company document. The research is conducted to study the document which is needed in shipping export, shipping export procedure of company and admission filling procedure of document export, such as invoice, packing, list, Pemberitahuan Ekspor Barang (goods export notification) (PEB) and Letter of Credit (L/C). Conclusion. Based on the export preparation, shipping, and document negotiation, the export procedure conducted by PT. Speed Pracaya Indonesia has been operating finely. The company always uses insurance service to guarantee the good safety and to keep the company quality. Suggestion. The company should be more impetuous in improving the company quality so that the company keeps exist in facing the emulation between similar company which more and more standing in this globalization era.