Teaching english vocabulary to the 4th grade students of elementary school in SDN Banjarsari I, Ngawi

Oleh :
Meyka Prismawati - C.9034127 - Fak. Sastra dan Seni Rupa

ABSTRACT 2007. This report is written based on the job training that has been done in SDN Banjaransari I, Ngawi. The objectives of this final project are to find out the method is used in teaching vocabulary to the 4th grade students and to find out the problems and the solutions in process of teaching and learning English vocabulary to the 4th grade students in SDN Banjaransari I, Ngawi. In writing this final report, the writer collected the data by observing the class and teaching directly in the classroom. Based on the analysis, some conclusions can be drawn. The teaching method used in SDN Banjaransari I is Grammar Translation Method. The students can practice to translate sentences from Indonesian sentences into English sentences or English sentences into Indonesian sentences. It will improve their skill in reading and writing. The teacher explains vocabulary with pictures, giving some games and exercises. During the job training and learning process, the teaching faces some problems of students in learning English. The problems are related with the teaching material, limited facilities, and student’s condition. To solve the problems in teaching learning English, some strategies such as, the teacher tries to motivate students in learning English, chooses good materials, and gives games.