Makna simbolik gerakan tari an sufi turki Jalaludin Rumi (1203 - 1273 M0: analisis semiotika Charles Sander Pierce

Oleh :
Razqan Anadh Mahendar - 00 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

This research discussed: (1) How the sufi dance lasts? (2) What is the symbolic meaning of sufi dance movements and it's message that wanted to be delivered ?
This research used qualitative method wtrich is presented descriptivety by describe Sufism in general, Sufism flow, Sufism development, describe Sufi dance in term of it's development, Symbolic meaning was the meaning of sufi dance movement and the clothing which were wom by the sufi dancers'
Based orr the result ofthis research conclude are : first, sufi dance is identic with Sufism and the figures who influence this dance second, sufi dance movements have a message that wanted to be delivered to everyone Third, sufi dance has a function as
syi ar of Islam.
Key word: Sufismm, Sufi, Sufi Dance. Symbolic Meaning and The Meaning of Movements