A psycholinguistic study on verbal language and non verbal language problem faced by the main character in the movie “extremely loud and incredibly close”

Oleh :
Jusmar Virdwiatmo Kasmanjono - C0308042 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

This research was conducted to describe the psycholinguistic study of verbal and non-verbal language problems faced by the main male character in the movie “Extremely Loud Incredibly Close”, who is likely have an Asperger Syndrome in his childhood life. The objectives of this research are (1) to reveal the verbal language problems faced by Oskar in the movie Extremely Loud Incredibly Close and (2) to reveal the non-verbal language problem faced by Oskar in the movie Extremely Loud Incredibly Close.
This research uses descriptive qualitative method that emphasizes the specific case—language disorder by using psycholinguistic approaches to analyze the verbal language problem followed by non verbal language problem faced by the main character with Asperger Syndrome in Extremely Loud and Incredible Close film. The data sources were the original VCD of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and the movie script. The data findings were presented in textual description and number was used to support the analysis of the data.
Some steps in analyzing the data were: identifying the material data, classifying each data into the categorization,  analyzing  each  data,  interpreting  each data based  on  its contexts,  reporting  the  findings,  and  drawing  the  conclusion are collected by observing the utterances in the film and seeing the odd gesture used by the main characters in the film. The result of this study shows that Oskar Shell has some kinds of verbal language disorder, namely: literal interpretation, lack of pragmatics, verbal fluency, pedantic language, idiosyncratic use of words, and auditory discrimination and distortion. The result also shows that he has non verbal language problems, namely :limited use of gesture, gauche body language, limited facial expression, inappropriate face expression, and peculiar stiff gaze