Teaching Writing to The Third Grade Students of Elementary School at SD N Mangkubumen Wetan No 63

Oleh :
Heidi Alvira - C9312034 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

This final project report was written based on the job training that I did in SD N Mangkubumen Wetan No 63. The objective of this final project is to describe the process teaching and learning in the third grade students, to describe the problems that I faced in teaching writing, to suggest some solutions to face the problems. In teaching and learning writing to the third grade, I started the lesson by giving the notes on the whiteboard about the new material. Then, I explained them carefully until they really understood. After that, they did the exercises on the LKS (Lembar Kerja Siswa). The exercises are to write into English, to listen and to write the numbers, reading text then translating text and answer the questions, what numbers are these, arrange into good words, listen and write the letters, complete the dialogues, and match the words.
The problems faced in teaching writing that the students get difficulties in vocabulary, grammar, writing the words, having low motivation to answer the assesments and they were not discipline to bring LKS or notebook. I gave some solutions to solve the problems. I gave the solutions by asking the students to get attention  seriously,  giving  notes  a  lot  of  exercises,  asking  them  to  bring dictionary, giving motivation and a punishment to the students who did not bring book.