The Importance of Translator Role in Solo International Performing Arts

Oleh :
Ari Tri Wibawa - C9312009 - Fak. Ilmu Budaya

This final project report was written based on the internship accomplished at Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA) within two months from March to May 2016. This international event organized by the Association of Minister of Tourism and Culture. During the internship I worked as a translator in which I had to translate a history book about the history of mask and kinds of mask in Indonesia (Topeng Panji Book).
The objective of this report is to translate all of the contents of the book. During the internship at Solo International Performing Arts (SIPA), I had to adapt to a new place and different responsibilities. I encountered several problems they are lack of references  and  the  limited  number  of  significant  references,  whereas  they  are  so essential for translating the book correctly.